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Visual & Performing Arts

marketing evolution

  Focus on mastering your craft while we focus on expanding your audiences.

Let our network,

work for you.


Build your confidence on and off the stage.

Life is no audition;

this is your only role.

Let us teach you how to execute with intension.

writing transformation

Explore your imagination

with innovative techniques to express your story.

Let us inspire your perspective on written communication.

You were a seed sown.

Craft a path for your artistry,

and witness your creativity  flourish.

Let us help you explore why you are Planted with Purpose.

finance improvement

Your art is your business.

Be paired with an advisor who can help you improve your financial literacy to develop a blossoming business.

personal enrichment


Let's dig through the soil of your artistry together with a consultation.

We will discover which services will best assist you with executing your artistry goals.

If you would like to blossom with us, please book an Artistry Consultation below.

If you are ready to expand your network, please book our PWP Connects service,

which is where we will determine what audiences are ready to experience your creativity.

* If you are invited into the collective,

based on approval to respect and embody our codes of etiquette

as well as, if we can serve your creative need,

you will be given the opportunity to accept our services. 

Please note that this collective is a movement of healing, innovation, accountability

and a commitment to individual and community growth.

While many will inquire, not everyone will be invited.

This is to ensure that we are collaborating with individuals who align with our mission and values!

We look forward to meeting with you!


It's time to recognize why you are Planted with Purpose. 

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